fresh shucked othe half shell*


single 3.5    dozen 38


*consuming raw shellfish may

increase the risk of food borne illness


pan fried oysters

pan-fried local oysters, butter, garlic lemon, herbed garlic toast 



panko breaded oysters

crispy fried local oysters, house made kimchi,

green onion & ginger mayo



baked oyster trio

choose one of each or three of the same



 green nahm jim


smoked chili and lime butter


rockefeller - spinach, bacon, breadcrumbs and pernod




to start and share


ferris’ big house salad

greens, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, toasted pumpkin seeds crispy yam chips

choice of dressing balsamic dijon, ginger miso, lemon vinaigrette or creamy lemon feta

small 9  large 17


charred broccoli and beluga lentil

soft boiled egg, preserved lemon, crispy garlic, chili flakes, tahini, pine nuts



warm cauliflower salad 

roasted cauliflower, crispy prosciutto, fried capers, fresh mint, hazelnut vinaigrette, pecorino cheese



add ons

poke tuna 7 / grilled wild salmon 9 / panko breaded oysters 7 /  grilled chicken 5  / avocado 3 /  smoked tofu 6 / prawns 7.5



chicken penne soup

fresh vegetables, cilantro, wild rice dumplings, chicken, sweet and spicy chili chicken broth  


add extra dumplings  .60 each



seafood chowder

smoked wild salmon, cherry wood smoked oysters, bacon, clams, mussels, local seafood,

rich creamy broth, grilled baguette



togarashi fried pork

 salt pickled cucumbers, gochujang, wasabi, green onion aioli



beef and mushroom arancini

 braised short rib, pecorino, tomato ragu, goat cheese, pesto



porcini mushroom and pecan pâté

truffled mushrooms, grilled bread



beets & feta

roasted beet hummus, whipped feta, orange, dukkah, pistachio, EVOO



baked qualicum brie

ideal for two! served with grilled baguette, rosemary, rose petal harissa, pecans



ahi tuna tartare

avocado, wonton crisps, aji amarillo, sesame, lime



steamed clams & mussels

or a mixture of both

local shellfish steamed with your choice of sauce;


chiang mai, ginger, lemongrass, coconut, chili


classic white wine, butter, garlic, fresh tomatoes, and lemon



smoked salmon and cod cakes

lemon beurre blanc, crispy leek, thyme, greens, capers





burgers & handhelds

All burgers/sandwiches come with fries or salad

sub mixed fries .5, yam fries +1, half & half 1.5, chowder 1.5


the falafel

       pickled onions, beet hummus, feta, beets,

     roasted cauliflower, guindilla chili,  flour tortilla



veggie nut burger

(oddly containing no nuts)

 sunflower & flax seed patty,  house made relish, special sauce,

apple chutney, goat's cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle, brioche bun



portobello mushroom burger

 grilled portobello mushroom, fried onion, eremite blue cheese, pesto, garlic aioli, brioche bun



sockeye salmon burger

pan seared wild sockeye salmon, house made tartar sauce,

lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle, brioche bun



oyster burger

panko breaded baynes sound oysters with cheddar, green onion and ginger mayo



beer battered rockfish wrap

aji amarillo, red onion, avocado, chipotle mayo, jalapeno, flour tortilla


tokyo hot chicken burger

cornflake breaded chicken thigh, gochujang, creamy slaw, togorashi, wasabi, brioche bun



grilled chicken burger

chicken breast, avocado, bacon, cheddar, chipotle, brioche bun



the classic ferris’ cheese burger

fresh ground chuck, special sauce, house made relish, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, pickle, red onion, brioche bun



turkish spiced lamb burger

mint, red oinions, lettuce, harissa mayo, whipped feta, piparra pepper, sumac, brioche bun




burger/ handhelds add ons

bacon 2  / mushrooms 1.5 /  avocado 3 /  crispy onions 1.5 /  goats cheese 2.5 / extra cheddar 1.5 /




bowls and main plates


pacific rim bowl

steamed rice, avocado, shredded cabbage, daikon, carrot, cherry tomatoes, edamame, nori, ginger miso vinaigrette



add tuna poke 7 / wild salmon 9 / panko breaded oysters 7.5 /  grilled chicken 6  / smoked tofu 6 / prawns 7.5


beirut bowl

steamed rice, falafel, beet hummus, cucumbers, chickpeas, shredded cabbage,

roasted cauliflower, pickled beets, tahini, lemon feta vinaigrette



add wild salmon 9 / panko breaded oysters 7 /  grilled chicken 6 /  smoked tofu 6 / prawns 7.5



tunisian lablabi

chickpea and harissa stew, garlic, cumin, soft boiled egg, cilantro, toasted almond



add wild salmon 9 / panko breaded oysters 7 /  grilled chicken 6 /  smoked tofu 6 / prawns 7.5


eggplant pecorino

roast cherry tomato, pecorino, crispy rosemary, tomato ragu, pine nuts, balsamic



seafood linguine

ocean wise prawns, local clams and mussels, smoked salmon, white wine, lemon butter, pecorino



beef pappardelle

beef cheek, spicy tomato ragu, feta cheese, red onion, crispy garlic



seafood laksa

ocean wise prawns, wild salmon, pacific cod, saltspring island mussels, malaysian coconut curry,

rice noodle, cilantro




tomato fennel broth, pernod, wild salmon, local shellfish, pacific cod, ocean wise prawns,

saffron aioli garlic crouton



 fish and chips

pacific cod, phillips beer batter, buttermilk, honey & lime coleslaw, house made tartar sauce and ferris’ classic fries

one piece $19 two piece $24



braised beef 

braised beef short rib, smashed herb potatoes, grilled broccolini, bourguignon jus





vegetable sides


grilled lettuce, pickled lemon, feta, hazelnuts


roasted cauliflower, ras el hanout, tahini and lemon


crispy crushed potatoes, shallots, green onions, chipotle


each 7

Ferris Oyster Bar

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