Press and Reviews for Ferris' Upstairs

  • Eat Magazine article

  • "If you have heard how good it is here, the rumours are true. I caution that if it is busy, you might have to wait because resources for preparing food and drinks are tight. Even if you do, I bet it will be worth it.”
    • Upstairs at Ferris’ lives up to lofty praise Time Colonist Thursday, February 19, 2009 Pam Grant – Dining Out Rating – 4.5 out of 5

  • “Less family restaurant and more lounge-like than downstairs, there exists an intimate-yet-friendly, casual air about the place and the servers display a confidence that comes from knowing that the kitchen can and will consistently perform.”
    • Monday Magazine

  • "Dear Vancouver, please go to Victoria, eat at Ferris’ Oyster Bar, and remember what life was like before you got so pretentious and bloody greedy."
    • Food To Miss Your Plane For

  • NY Mag

  • Daring Gourmet



Ferris Oyster Bar

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